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Women’s health is an important issue that affects us all, and in the age of non-natural approaches, it is more imperative than ever to consider the organic angle. In many cases, doing so can address issues without escalating to more advanced treatment methods. The fewer toxins and chemical compounds we introduce to our bodies, the healthier we will be.

Naturopathy is a form of medicine that incorporates this organic approach with gentility and respect to the natural composition of the female body. A combination of herbs, supplements, lifestyle modifications, dietary alterations and other advanced treatments results in a natural therapeutic process that acts as a gentler intervention to the triggers of various women’s health issues.

The Goulding Naturopathic Approach

Women's Health & Digestion

Autoimmune Conditions

Prenatal Support

Allergy-Related Treatments

Laboratory Testing & Analysis

Data Driven, Attentive Treatment

As a fully-licensed Naturopathic Doctor with several years of experience in the field, I have seen and meticulously analysed the many benefits associated with this gentler and more human approach to treatment for women’s health issues. This future-facing form of medicine has provided me with the tools needed to gently and effectively uproot the source of an ailment in an elegant and attentive fashion, creating balance and a return to absolute wellness. As a mother of two with a passion for all things outdoors, I see the potential in the natural world around us pertaining to health and wellness treatment potentialities. My approach, using solely naturopathic solutions, is designed to utilize that potential to encourage maximum recovery and minimal rejection from the female body. Incorporating methods such as exercise, the prescription of natural supplements and herbs, and even more advanced forms of therapy such as acupuncture, my data-driven practice is designed to work with the female body rather than against it. If you are in need of all-natural women’s health treatments that respect the human condition, feel free to book an appointment today.