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Naturopathic doctors recognize the body's inherent ability to heal itself. The aim is to use natural interventions to get over the current obstacle on your path to wellness, and to then maintain optimal health with diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Naturopathic medicine is very powerful for treating women's health concerns such as fertility, pregnancy and prenatal care, menopause, PMS, and low libido.

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"Finding true wellness can often involve a lot of thorough searching and logical inquiry. Join me on my exploration of what it is to live healthfully – to discover our obstacles and overcome them.

A woman’s body is both complicated and powerful. The cyclic nature of our physiology can unfortunately predispose us to some common issues that many of us accept as “normal”. These familiar symptoms (such as PMS, painful periods, hot flashes, mood imbalance, etc) are prevalent but not something we need to live with. By taking a natural approach we can alter the hormonal terrain to prevent and resolve these types of concerns.

Naturopathy is a form of medicine that incorporates this organic approach with gentility and respect for the female body and its natural resilience. I use a combination of herbs, supplements, lifestyle modifications, dietary alterations and other advanced treatments, such as bioidentical hormones and acupuncture.

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Data Driven, Attentive Treatment

As a fully-licensed Naturopathic Doctor with several years of experience in the field, I have seen and meticulously analysed the many benefits associated with this gentler and yet powerful approach to treatment for women’s health issues. This future-facing form of medicine has provided me with the tools needed to gently and effectively uproot the source of ailment, creating balance and a return to absolute wellness. Incorporating methods such as exercise, the prescription of natural supplements and herbs, and more advanced forms of therapy such as acupuncture and bioidentical hormones, my data-driven practice is designed to work with the female body rather than against it. If you are in need of all-natural women’s health treatments that respect the human condition, feel free to book an appointment today.