COVID UPDATE: All patient visits are now via telemedicine.

In the interest of public safety, our clinic is currently closed but I am very happily keeping up on patient care via secure video chat or telephone. As my practice is intellectual and not hands-on, this does not change your quality of care. In fact, this may be a preferred option you choose to keep long-term.

New Edinburgh Square | Chartwell + Scone Witch building

35 Beechwood Avenue, 3rd Floor

Ottawa, ON, K1M 1M1

pH (613)806-2068

fax (613)699-7828

Enter the double doors to the right of the Scone Witch, and then enter the second set of double doors straight ahead as well, then you’ll find the elevator to the 3rd floor immediately to the right. Have a seat on the couch/chairs and I’ll see you there!

There is free 2-hour parking on Barrette Street behind the Metro.