Mondays 10-6pm (@ Awaken Life)

Wednesdays 10am to 4pm (@ Awaken Life)

Thursdays 2pm to 7pm (@ Beechwood)

Fridays 8am to 4pm (@ Beechwood)


Fees at Awaken Life vary. Please see website for details.

Adult initial visit (up to 90 minutes) $195

Second visit (up to 60 minutes) $140

Follow-up appointments (45 minutes) $105

Follow-up appointments (30 minutes) $75

Acupuncture (30-45 minutes) $75

Your appointment time is reserved especially for you and prevents other patients from booking at that time, so there is a 50% cancellation fee if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance in order to ensure that all patients are able to get in for a visit. Thanks for your understanding!

Forms of payment accepted

Direct billing (for most insurance plans)

Credit cards