Your tired. And it’s more than something a good night’s sleep can resolve. To eliminate fatigue the first step is to make sure the foundations of health are covered; adequate sleep, good nutrition and digestion, moderate exercise, and minimal stress. If the fatigue extends beyond that it’s time to investigate hormones.

The two most likely culprits of fatigue are the thyroid or the adrenal glands. A thorough intake with a licensed Naturopathic Doctor is the most efficient path forward, but to get you started, here is a list of symptoms which usually help to narrow down the root cause —


Thyroid-based fatigue

o fatigue thyroid naturopathicBody temp low and consistent
o Sluggish energy – persistent fatigue
o Difficulty losing fat
o BP normal to high
o Cholesterol high
o Facial colour – red
o Hairloss: lateral 3rd of eyebrow loss
o Intolerance to cold
o Muscle aches

Adrenal-based fatigue

o fatigue adrenal naturopathicBody temp low and fluctuates
o Wired and tired or sluggish in late stage
o Bursts of energy – inconsistent fatigue
o Tired in afternoon: second wind late
o Difficulty gaining muscle
o BP low
to normal
o Cholesterol low
o Colour – pale
o Bowel hyper/ibs
o Sparse body hair
o Intolerance to cold or heat
o Back ache and muscle aches
o Frequent urination
o Insomnia
o Weak knees/tired legs
o Hard to focus mind


Read my previous blog post about thyroid health to help determine if testing is warranted to determine the root cause of your fatigue.